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Stress is part of our daily lives.  The objective of this workshop is to help you learn to improve your emotional awareness and reactions by using a variety of techniques such as; prioritizing, problem-solving, getting organized, and learning the art of compromising.  By learning to manage your stress, you can lead a more balanced, positive, and healthier life.

Course Content

Workplace Stress
Stress can be both good and bad
Workplace Stress Factors
Workplace Stress Factors Continued
Factors Unique to the Job
Factors Unique to the Job Continued
Your role in the organization
Career Development
Relationships at work
Organizational Structure/Climate
Work-Life Balance
Stress and Health
Generalized Stress Response
Stress related accidents/injuries
Stress behaviours
Stress Symptoms
Stress Symptoms Continued
Coping strategies
Job design is important
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