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Disability Disclosure

This course is open to all learns who wish to understand key elements about disclosing their disability to employers, and how to gain confidence in the process of doing so.

Digital Literacy

This beginner-level course is open to all learners who want to gain a better grasp about computers, assistive technologies and how to carry out an online job search.

Interview Skills

When preparing for a job interview, it is common to be stressed and nervous through the process. This workshop will help you to prepare for both virtual and in-person interviews. The end goal is to be comfortable and confident during the job interview and therefore present the best version of yourself to the employer.

Job Retention

We will discuss a variety of topics; willingness to learn, being a team player, positive traits on the job, building good relationships, accommodations, and dealing with your supervisor.

Career Decision Making

In this workshop we will help you to explore, identify and give you the necessary tools to help you understand your abilities, interests, skills, and values. Upon completion of this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of your career goals and gain valuable insight into career fields that best fit your talents and experience.

Labour Market Information

Labor Market Information is all about helping you make an informed decision on your career path, or possible career changes

Resume and Cover Letter

During the workshop we will be discussing the resume, your skills, different formats, types of resumes, do’s and don’ts, and the cover letter, leaving you with enough information to compose your resume.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. It can not always be avoided, but it can be managed. The objective of this workshop is to help you learn to improve your emotional awareness and reactions to stress by using a variety of techniques.

Online Job Searching

Learn how to use multiple job search websites, online job boards and search engines.